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Customer Care Information

Providing our customers with first class support is our priority. With the help of your Customer Success Managers (CSM), we will work with you to ensure your integration into the Equinix Customer One™ program will be straightforward

As we progress with migrating our customers you will be notified of various changes affecting the way you do business with us. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is on-hand to support you during this process. Your CSM will help you to access our International Business Exchanges™ (IBX®), guide you on how to place orders, ship equipment, and answer any related questions that may arise.

Whilst the integration is in process, you will not have access to the Equinix Customer Portal or the Equinix Service Desk. We will notify you of the date when you will have access nearer the time. The following information is to ensure you know what to do once the integration is complete.

Details of these changes and an FAQ document can be found on this page. Please read this information as it will help you prepare. Please also note, this Resource Center will be updated and we encourage you to refer back here for more information over the next couple of months.

If you cannot find answers to your questions in this Resource Center, please contact your Equinix Customer Care Integration team on

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Your Contacts at Equinix

Customer Success Managers (CSM)

As a customer of Equinix, you will have an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be your post-sales point of contact. Your CSM will guide you on most things you need to know about working with Equinix. These include but are not limited to:

  • General questions or help needed
  • Clarification of policies
  • Portal assistance
  • Requesting tickets and services
  • Escalation support
  • Tours, audit and validation of assets
  • Add-ons or changes to your existing space or power

Account Executive (AE)

Your Account Executive (AE) will continue support your account and assist you with any future space, power, network products or managed services.

Sales Engineer (SE)

Your Sales Engineer (SE) is your technical point of contact for product and service questions, and/ or technical requirements you may have.

Once you are fully integrated onto the Equinix platform and have established access to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), you can go to Support and click on My Equinix Contacts to find out who your CSM, AE and SE are.

Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)

Once the integration is complete, you will have access to our Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). To find out how to navigate the ECP, please visit, or you can find some useful videos in the Downloads section on this Resource Center

The portal is a great tool where you will be able to manage your account at a time when it is convenient to you. You will be able to:

  • Manage your User List and Permissions
  • Create new orders and view submitted orders
  • Raise Trouble Tickets
  • Download reports, including your Install Base Report
  • Check your invoices

If you need assistance with the portal, you can contact your CSM.
Please also be aware, there are several ways to create a Trouble Ticket. Creating Trouble Tickets via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) is the preferred method as it is quicker and more efficient.
You can also contact the Equinix Service Desk.

Equinix Service Desk (ESD)

Once the integration is complete, the Equinix Service Desk is the initial point of contact for customer service issues.

The ESD provides 24/7 support for the following:

  • Trouble Tickets – for issues relating to contracted service
  • Smart Hands™ - when customers need support from Equinix IT regarding IBX deployments.
  • Shipping and Loading to your IBX
  • IBX access registration including temporary access and revocation of access.

For urgent Equinix support issues, customers should call the service desk and they will be routed to the appropriate support service.

ESD Contacts:
Local Toll Free: 0066.3384.0073
Direct: 03.4520.8118

Before accessing the ESD for the first time, you will need to register your contact details on the Equinix Customer Portal. When you register with the ECP for the first time, you will be provided with a 4-digit code which you will need to authenticate yourself when you contact the ESD.

If you have any questions, before the integration is complete, please contact the Integration Welcome Team on or you can contact the Customer Care Integration Team directly on

If you have any questions regarding these changes in Customer Care, we are providing a series of Frequently Asked Questions in the sections below. We hope this will provide you with the answer to your questions.

Once the integration is complete, customers should contact us via the Equinix Service Desk on

Frequently Asked Questions - Customer Success Managers and what I need to know about Equinix Customer Support

What is a Customer Success Managers (CSM)? And what can I expect from my CSM?

As a customer of Equinix, you will have an assigned Customer Success Manager to help you access the IBX®, guide you on how to place orders, ship your equipment to the IBX®, and answer any related questions that may arise. Your Customer Success Manager will confirm order details, review IBX® policies, and be your post-sales point of contact.

What is the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and will I be provided user instruction?

The Equinix Customer Portal is a web portal enabling all customers to conduct business. The portal provides four key functions:

  • User Management
  • Servizi
  • Operations
  • Support instruction

User and Administrator Training for the ECP is available on the Download section of this Resource Center

When will I have access to the Equinix Customer Portal?

You will receive an email, providing you with your registration details to enable you to have access to the ECP on the day of integration.

When will I receive my login details for the Equinix Customer Portal?

As soon as integration is complete, you will receive an email with all your registration details.

Are there changes to how I access my IBX®?

  1. Access Cards
  • Following a change in access policy, all Equinix Customer will be issued with a new access card in accordance with the Global Equinix Security Policies and Procedures. The BIP (Bit-Isle Information Portal) is integrated into the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).

  1. Accessing your IBX
  • 2.1. Once your account is integrated into the ECP, your login ID and password to access the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) will be sent via email to the Master Administrator of your account (POC) and the following procedures can be performed:

    • User registration and management
    • Third party admission application
    • Meeting room reservation
    • Booking various services

2.2 Customers are required to register at Reception Desk when entering or leaving the IBX.

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or contact the Equinix Service Desk (ESD) directly.

Accessing the IBX® for the first time?

If this is your first visit to the IBX®, your company’s administrator should open a work visit ticket or a Security Access/Proxy ticket 24 hours in advance via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)

How will I know who my CSM will be?

Before integration, you will be contacted by Equinix Customer Care to provide you with further information regarding your CSM and how to contact them. Alternatively, once integration is complete and you have established access to the Equinix Customer Portal, you can go to the Support tab and click on My Equinix Contacts to find out who your CSM is.

I am a former Bit-isle customer, what is the set-up structure via the Portal?

We will provide detailed instructions on how to access the Bit-isle and Equinix Customer Portals on the Portal section of this Resource Center.

What are Equinix’s Policies and Procedures?

Equinix Policies and Procedures may be found on the site HERE

How is site access managed for visitors?

A work visit ticket or a site tour ticket needs to be created for all visitors by your administrator in the Equinix Customer Portal. Unannounced visitors will not be allowed entry to site. For further information on accessing your IBX, please refer to the Accessing your IBX section in this Resource Centre.

What do I do if I want to schedule a delivery to the IBX®?

All inbound and outbound shipments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance using the Equinix Customer Portal. Please ensure you identify any over-sized shipments (cabinets, large crates) in your Shipping Receipt. If you require support to unload cargo and deliver to your cage, you will be invoiced accordingly as a Smart Hands™ service.

If a shipment is received without a ticket being opened, you will receive a notification to open a ticket within 24 hours. You will not be able to collect the shipment until a ticket has been opened.

Your IBX will store shipments for a maximum of 5 business days. After this time, the shipment will be returned to the sender at the customer’s expense.

Customers may use the main freight entrance during normal business hours.

What is the correct address format for a Shipment?

The correct address format for a shipment is:
Delivery Address:
Company Name - Your Company’s name
C/O Equinix
System name/ Site Reference / IBX® address

What if my shipment is Out-of-Hours?

Standard business hours for deliveries are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm. Deliveries during non-standard business hours may be accepted but require 24 hours’ notice. Please make sure the Equinix Service Desk are aware of this when scheduling your shipment.

The Loading Dock operates during business hours only. Shipments can be delivered outside of business hours, but they will require an after-hours shipment handling ticket which will require site level approval and additional charges may apply.

What is Site reference?

A Site reference will look like this:

Site Reference:

TY6:01:041201 Account Name: 0213

Your site reference explained

  • TY6 – Data Center (Tokyo IBX® 6)
  • 01 - First floor
  • 041201 – Cage number room X
  • Account Name – Company name
  • Cabinet 0213 (If shared area)

What is a Patch Panel reference?

A Patch Panel reference will look like this:

Patch Panel Reference:


Your site reference explained

  • PP – Patch Panel
  • CP – Customer Provided Patch Panel
  • 0213 – Cabinet the Patch Panel is located in
  • 1234456 – Unique Patch Panel identifier #

How can I order a Cross Connect?

Cross Connects are run from demarcation panel to demarcation panel. If you require a connection to be extended to your equipment, you will need to open a Smart Hands ticket and a Site Technician will extend it for you.

When requesting a Cross Connect, you would be considered the A-side, and you will receive the invoice for it. The Z-side of the Cross Connect is the customer you have requested to connect to. The turnaround time for Cross Connects is usually 24 hours as long as there is no issue with demarcation information or the LOA (Letter of Authority) provided by the carrier (there are times when the ports are occupied and this will take a little longer).

A Cross Connect ticket can be opened via Equinix Customer Portal which is the preferred method, or it can be opened via the Equinix Service Desk. The following information is required for all Cross Connect orders:

  • A-side termination point (cage/ cabinet/ patch panel/ ports)
  • Z-side termination point (cage/ cabinet/ patch panel/ ports)
  • Technical Contact details
  • Connection type and Media type
  • Carrier Circuit ID (if connecting to a carrier)

How will these changes impact my business with Equinix or Bit-isle outside of Japan?

These changes only apply to former Bit-isle Japan services, and will have no impact on the way you do business and the services you receive from us outside of Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions - Equinix Service Desk (ESD)

What is the Equinix Service Desk?

The Equinix Service Desk (ESD) is your 24 x 7 support for all customer requests and incidents occurring within our IBX’s.

When will I have access to the Equinix Service Desk?

You will have access to the ESD on the day of integration. This date will be confirmed to you nearer the time.

What languages does the Equinix Service Desk support?

Equinix provides support in Japanese.

What are the opening hours for the Equinix Service Desk?

The Equinix Service Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

What is an IBX®?

IBX® stands for International Business Exchange.

I need urgent support in the IBX®, what do I do?

After integration, please contact the Equinix Service Desk 24/7/365 by phone or the Equinix Customer Portal, via the details in the following link:

How can I get access to the Equinix Customer Portal?

Your registered administrators will be able to create a profile for you on the Equinix Customer Portal and can allocate ordering permissions accordingly.

The Service Desk has informed me that my e-mail address is not registered. How can I be added to the list of authorized users?

Please contact the main administrator of your organisation or your Customer Success Manager.

I have sent an e-mail, but my request is urgent, what can I do?

Please call us on the telephone numbers provided, select your preferred language and select the service you require.

Can I place orders via phone?

The quickest way to place orders is via the Customer Portal. Orders can also be placed via email and you may ask questions about your order over the phone, but we request you confirm your order by email.

What is the difference between Standard, Expedited and Scheduled Smart Hands™?

You can use the Smart Hands ™ service when you are unable to attend the site yourself. You can submit a ticket to restart your server, install equipment, lay cables, add accessories and trouble shoot.

Please raise a Smart Hands™ ticket at least 24 hours in advance for scheduled maintenance requirements. Smart Hands™ is invoiced in 30 minute increments.

A Standard Smart Hands™ will start within 24 hours after being submitted.

Expedited Smart Hands™ will be prioritised and completed as soon as reasonably possible. Additional fees may apply.

For Scheduled Smart Hands™, customer maintenance will be done at your requested time in the future. Should your time window be within the next 24 hours, additional fees may apply.

Please note that Equinix retains the right to reject Expedite and Scheduled Smart Hands™, for example due to high work load. Should this be the case, we will notify you in a timely manner.

My shipment was refused, what can I do?

In order to allocate and keep track of your shipment in a proper manner, Equinix requires an Inbound Shipment ticket. For this, we ask that you provide us with an expected delivery date and the couriers tracking number. If an inbound shipment ticket is not presented upon delivery, your shipment may be refused. Should this be the case, please submit an inbound shipment ticket via the Equinix Customer Portal, or forward your shipment details to our Service Desk via e-mail. As soon as an inbound shipment ticket is logged, you can instruct your courier to deliver your shipment.

How much notice does Equinix require for Work Visits?

There is no notice period for Work Visits submitted via the Equinix Customer Portal. Upon submitting details your visitor can be granted access to our sites immediately. Work visits submitted via email will be subject to a slight delay as they need to be manually processed by the Service Desk.

I have received an email reporting an incident ongoing in a Data Center where my equipment is present. What should I do?

Equinix will notify you of an ongoing situation via e-mail. You will receive the latest updates for the incident until the situation is resolved.

Equinix has informed me about maintenance works that will happen in the future. Is any action required from my side?

The maintenance notification is an alert to advise we will be carrying out work which may affect your service. The details and impact of the work will be described in the body of the email notification, in Japanese and English. Should you require additional information, please contact the Equinix Service Desk.

I have a question about the pricing of the services. Who should I contact?

Your Account Manager is responsible for any questions about pricing.

I have a complaint. What should I do?

To make a complaint or to leave feedback, please go to Alternatively, for complaints regarding real-time issues, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Service Desk 24/7/365 by phone or email. Contact details are provided on the following link:

What is an LOA and when do I need one?

An LOA is a Letter of Authority. LOAs are required in all instances when ordering cross connects that terminate outside of your own cabinets or cages.

How can I place an order?

Please place orders via the Equinix Customer Portal Orders can also be placed by email, however may be subject to delay as emails require manual processing by the Equinix Service Desk. Contact details are provided on the following link:

Equinix customers can use Equinix Customer Portal Mobile (available for iOS or Android) to order Equinix products and services, review orders, and communicate directly with Equinix technicians.

Users can place orders for Smart Hands™, Work Visit, Inbound Shipment, Outbound Shipment, Trouble Ticket, IBX Access, and Conference Room Booking.

Login with current Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) username and password is all that is required to begin using the mobile application.

Users can also receive mobile push notifications for pending storage items so that timely action can be taken on these notifications. The push notifications can be turned on/ off within app settings.

Which services will I be charged for and which products are free?

Equinix provides the following services free of charge: Patch Panels, Trouble Services, Work Visits, Shipments (Inbound or Outbound) and Site Tours.

Shipment deliveries: Smart Hands charges will also apply if a request is made to deliver shipments (Inbound or Outbound) to your cage or suite.

Trouble Tickets: if on-site or off-site technical assistance and troubleshooting is required for customers’ equipment, a Smart Hands charge will apply.

Patch Panel: if additional Patch Panel work is required but is not connected to an Equinix Interconnection product, e.g. Cross Connects, Metro Connects, then a Smart Hands charge will apply,
Equinix charge fees for the following services: Smart Hands™, Expedited Smart Hands™, Scheduled Maintenances and Cross Connects.

How will these changes impact my business with Equinix or Bit-isle outside of Japan?

These changes will have no impact on the way you do business and the services you receive from us outside of Japan.

Where will I find my Install Base Report?

You will be able to see your assets in our IBX data centers via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and you can download an Install Base Report from here. We recommend you download the report and become familiar with the new Equinix naming conventions, such as the Site References. The Install Base Report is a very important source of information. It will help you conduct business with Equinix and assist in understanding the changes. Former Bit-isle references are included in the ‘legacy’ fields. (See more information on Install Base Reports below).

If you have a Cross Connect, it is important to note that these Cross Connects have been assigned to a patch panel demarcation point inside your cage or cabinet. (See information on Cross Connects above).

If you have a Secure Cabinet in an open area, this cabinet will have an Equinix cage number assigned to it in an open area. This is referred to as a Secured Cabinet.

Asset TypeLegacy Bit-isle ReferenceEquinix Reference / Serial Number
GabbiaN/ACage number: 041201 or TY6:04:041201 (IBX:Floor:Cage)
CabinetE.g. 4A0108E.g. Cabinet number: 0213 or TY6:04:041201:0213 (IBX:Floor:Cage:Cabinet)
PotenzaN/ASerial number: 99738040
Pannello di permutazioneN/APP:0213:123456(Patch Panel:Cabinet:Unique Panel ID)
Cross ConnectN/ASerial number: 99396454

Frequently Asked Questions – Cage Cabinet Details

Your cage/cabinet/rack names will change!

As you migrate to the new Equinix systems your cage/cabinet/rack names will change. To manage the transition from old names to new we recommend that you log into the Equinix Customer Portal and from the Install Base page download a full excel report of all of your Equinix assets; cage, cabinet, patch panel, power, Cross Connects which includes your old cabinet/rack names.

Install Base Page


Create an Excel report


In the Excel version of the report you will see your old cabinet/rack names listed alongside the new Equinix names:


When raising requests in the Equinix Customer Portal you will need to select the new Equinix cage/cabinet names so understanding the transition is important.

Placing an order using new Cage/Cabinet names:


Example New Cage Name: TY6:0G:041201: Account Name: 0213

  • TY6 – Data Center (Tokyo IBX® 6)
  • 0G – Ground Floor
  • Account Name: Customer Company Name
  • 041201 – Cage number room X
  • 0213 – New Cabinet number

How are Patch Panels referenced?

As you migrate to the new Equinix systems your patch panel names will change. Below we have explained what you will see. You can download a report containing all your new patch panel names cross referenced against their old names from the Equinix Customer Portal on the ‘Install Base’ page.

Example New Patch Panel Name: PP:0213:1234456

  • PP – Patch Panel / CP – Customer Provided Patch Panel
  • 0213 – Cabinet the Patch Panel is located in
  • 1234456 – Unique Patch Panel identifier #

* Translation for convenience only - the Japanese version shall prevail in the case of inconsistency.