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Report IDC – IT di periferia – Il motore che alimenta la trasformazione digitale

Digital transformation is about changing the way that business gets done, creating value, and expanding competitive advantage. A successful transformation means converting IT from an enabler of internal business processes to an engine powering digital business flows between people, things, and data, all elements that exist at the digital edge. The major challenge within the core IT portfolio for most organizations today requires addressing barriers to effective coordination.

Challenges include:

  • Adjusting and optimizing interconnectivity between applications and resources across different datacenters because of limitations in existing wide area network (WAN) product and service solutions
  • Enabling control over the flow, placement, and protection of diverse data sets such as on-premise data storage in applications or storage systems and aligning them with IaaS/SaaS resources
  • Meeting constantly changing data privacy and sovereignty mandates

Success in digital transformation requires new thinking about the consumption of IT resources in increasingly smart edge locations. These are the urban cores, hospitals, factories, transportation hubs, and spaces where connected people or smart things are concentrated … Preparing for delivery of IT at the edge will be the key to boosting business velocity, enabling dynamic business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility.

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