I nuovi standard dell'open banking trasformeranno le banche tradizionali in provider di servizi digitali basati su cloud in grado di soddisfare le crescenti esigenze dei consumatori. Scopri l'impatto dei nuovi standard sulle diverse aree geografiche e sui regimi di pagamento.

  • Third-party firms can build financial applications using a bank’s data and infrastructure using APIs
  • Businesses, banking and fintech are starting to invest in new technology to handle new forms of payment to keep up with consumer demands
  • New regulations are geared towards increasing innovation and collaboration between banks and fintechs so that customers have data security, transparency and choice.

The reason we have been growing so fast is because the world is moving online, but verifying identity has been stuck in the offline ... If you think the purpose of a bank is to connect borrowers and savers and centralise trust, we can decentralise the trust piece.

- Husayn Kassai, Cofounder, Onfido (U.S.)

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