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Managed Colocation

To complement its traditional Colocation solutions, Equinix also offers a Managed Colocation service in Brazil. Based on the idea of partial Outsourcing, your enterprise provides assets and business rules, while our experienced Brazilian team provides the entire infrastructure and manages your environment.


Managed Hosting

With a project specifically designed to meet the needs of your business, Managed Hosting is more than a simple rental or hosting of servers: it is the guarantee of stability, agility, redundancy and scalability. Don’t worry about your system’s maintenance, updates and settings. Our expert team will take care of this responsibility. Free up your team to work on real improvements for your business.


Service Level Manager (SLM)

Think about staying in a hotel that offers concierge service. Your stay will be much more comfortable with the helpful assistance that this professional can provide with anything you may need, a benefit that can turn your trip into a highly pleasant experience. In Brazil, we offer a service that’s very similar to this.The role of our professional is to maintain and improve the quality of your IT service level.


Performance Assessment

Equinix Performance Assessment provides a robust analysis of your IT infrastructure by testing the services in your IT environment for stress, capacity assessment, monitoring, configuration and hardening. We point the best way forward and closely monitor the moments when your environment faces the most pressure.


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