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Come to the FT Future of Manufacturing Summit in London and hear corporate leaders discuss the game-changing technologies and trends impacting manufacturing as well as their insights on the proactive measures they are taking to stay ahead in the race to full Industry 4.0 implementation.

Then visit our booth and learn how Equinix brings together manufacturing firms, partners, and customers to leverage an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) and harness the power of direct and secure interconnection. The Equinix manufacturing ecosystem consists of more than 202 companies worldwide, 1,500+ networks, 2,750+ cloud and IT service providers and more than 9,500 global businesses.

Equinix is pleased to be sponsoring this event organised by the Financial Times. Join our digital transformation expert, Andrew McCreath, alongside Ivank Janssen from PepsiCo and Svetan Ratchev from the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, as they discuss Collaboration in the Supply Chain. Find out more about why customisation is forcing innovation.

Financial Times


Andrew McCreath

Andrew McCreath
Director, Enterprise Field Development Equinix

The manufacturing industry is going through a rapid period of change. New drivers around customisation, servitisation and innovation require an interconnected value chain and agile, digital infrastructure to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market dynamics.

Collaboration in the Digital Supply Chain

Supply chains are being reinvented as digital technologies open the way to new forms of collaboration and more integrated approaches.

  • How are organizations leveraging business networks to create partnerships and increase efficiency in the supply chain?
  • What successful collaboration models are emerging between young, dynamic firms and large, established businesses? In which way are they creating value?
  • What are the best practices in exchanges of physical products and how is it being extended to encompass innovations, data, talent and financial flows?
  • How are companies taking advantage of synergies to disseminate innovation and achieve scale?
  • What new business models are being enabled by additive manufacturing?
  • What initiatives are aiming for further strengthening of collaboration between actors in the value chain?

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