As enterprises stretch outward to the cloud, the study predicts a multiplier effect, where the enterprise will not only need connections to outside but will also need connections between them, creating a global mesh network

Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst, Datacenter Networking, 22 Ottobre 2018


Equinix writes its own real-time DCIM, readies global rollout

451 Research explores IBX SmartView™, the Equinix datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) system which gives customers real-time visibility into operating and environmental data relevant to their tenancy footprint.


The driver for interconnection isn’t just that data is moving to the cloud; it’s that the enterprise works with a growing number of outside entities that will need to connect to one another.
Any given enterprise is increasingly likely to be part of an overall ecosystem that is cloud-based. That’s going to drive a need for connectivity to a greater number of outside parties.
451 Research believes in a hybrid IT model, where enterprises use private clouds as well as public clouds. But whether the private cloud is hosted in an enterprise datacenter or not, it still represents one more entity that needs to be connected.

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