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451 Research Report - Equinix makes sustainability progress, installs fuel cells at 12 datacenters

Learn about the Equinix commitment to invest in clean tech and innovative solutions to reduce carbon, increase efficiency and support new solutions in the electric power sector by installing 37MW of Bloom Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at 12 datacenters globally.

In evidenza

  • Equinix has the resources, will and technological expertise to drive the use of renewable energy throughout the datacenter industry
  • 56% of power that Equinix requires is now renewable, a figure that would be considerably higher if its acquisitions of Bit-isle and TelecityGroup had not diluted the number
  • Equinix is to install Bloom Energy Fuel Cells at 12 datacenters in the US over the next two and half years

Equinix is also piloting mission-critical configurations of fuel cells, which could eventually mean generators are eliminated and datacenters generate cleaner power on-site, providing some energy security if there are problems with the grid.

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