Internet of Things - Connecting Irish Businesses to the Future

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved into a critical tool for ambitious enterprises. It has helped companies create revolutionary technologies and improve end-user experiences. In the process, it has also helped produce valuable data that, when analyzed, can be leveraged to improve business operations and offerings. To find out what Irish enterprises are doing to realize the potential IoT, Equinix commissioned a survey of 150 IT decision makers to help understand the country’s IoT business landscape.

Areas this paper looks at include:

  • How Irish enterprises are preparing for a connected future
  • IoT adoption and security
  • Barriers and investment

As understanding of IoT evolves and bourgeons, its adoption rate soars. Rather than just handy technology that allows you to switch on the kettle on your way home from work, businesses are beginning to understand that IoT hold a wealth of value…

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